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Monday, April 12, 2021

ArmorThane's Noise Reducing Bedliner

Jeeps and hotrods create noise. Just another reason why we love them, right? There are not too many things to not love about Jeeps. What if I told you we could help decrease the amount of noise inside your jeeps? You are jumping on that opportunity, aren't you?


ArmorThane has a product that reduces the amount of noise inside your Jeep!

ArmorLiner is a polyurea-based product that provides excellent insulation, heat reflection, and sound deadening properties.

It reduces the noise while cruising down the road inside your Jeep or hotrod. This added layer of sound deadening can reduce noise exposure by up to 40%.

ArmorLiner can withstand heat and reflect exterior temperatures by 45F or more. ArmorLiner keeps your vehicle or boat cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Important Note: 

We encourage you to speak to ArmorThane's Technical Service Department to ensure a successful application. Like almost all other upgrades, it is so much easier to talk about the project before discussing fixing after a mistake is made.  That being said, ArmorThane's application is an easy process, but for a rookie applicator, there are some important steps and tips we can make you aware of before the process begins.

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