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Monday, April 12, 2021

Getting a bedliner with that stimulus check!


We know you love your cars and trucks. The American's love affair with vehicles is unique as billions are spent every year on aftermarket accessories for their vehicles.  


Stimulus during a pandemic for the automotive accessories industry seems a lot like tax time!  


For those in the automotive industry, this time of year can make or break you for the year! Taking advantage of the season means giving specials geared towards the consumer to raise awareness of the products and offerings.  

Radios, electronics, Ceramic coatings, wheels, bed liners, and course window tint are hot commodities during tax time, and the same can be said during stimulus time during COVID.  

The stimulus was the proper term to use as we saw an uptick in product orders for the period.

Being prepared to meet your customers' demands was vital in staying productive and ahead of the curve. Many businesses have not survived the trying time that 2020 has presented—those that did so because of forward-thinking, hard work, and staying ahead of the curve.

I, for one, believe in variety. Relying on one or two offerings limits your potential customers and the number of up-sell opportunities you have at your disposal. We all know how increasing each ticket by even a small percentage moves the needle. Increasing the size of each ticket is one of the three key ways to increase your bottom line.

A bedliner is the perfect product you can purchase with your stimulus money and not feel bad about doing so. Protecting your truck for a fraction of the total you get should guarantee that you will be a happy customer. You can shop online for all of these products HERE. Or you can call them and speak with a Sales Representative.

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